danny familyDanny Dietrich with his girlfriend, Rachael, and family in Victory Lane on Night #2 of PA Speedweek 2017 
(Photo Credit: Barry Skelly and Allan Yeager)


Night #2 – Lincoln Speedway 

Pennsylvania Speedweek 2017 is underway and night #2 is done and dusted with Danny Dietrich coming out the big winner of the 18th Annual Kevin Gobrecht Memorial at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA. 

Lincoln Speedway endured a rough rainstorm, but luckily for fans and race teams, it was over almost as fast as it began and Saturday night's racing program went off without a hitch. It was a hot one, but fans flocked to the Pigeon Hills to watch Rico Abreu, who ventured to PA for just one night, take on the famed Pennsylvania Posse. 

Lance Dewease was first out in time trials and he set the pace for the night. After the rest of the 42-car field took their two laps, Dewease came out on top to take the night's fast time award with a time of 13.468 seconds. Lucas Wolfe, Danny Dietrich, Chad Trout, James McFadden, Steve Owings, Rico Abreu, Freddie Rahmer, Matt Campbell, and Trey Starks rounded out the top ten in time trials. 

The Kreitz Racing #69K of Dewease started fourth in the first heat due to the 16 car invert from the time trial results. He won his heat over James McFadden, Matt Campbell, Brandon Rahmer, and Glendon Forsythe. Trey Starks won the second heat over Lucas Wolfe, Alan Krimes, Cory Haas, and Steve Owings. Rico Abreu took the third heat over Brock Zearfoss, Danny Dietrich, Jim Siegel, and Tim Glatfelter. The fourth heat was won by Greg Hodnett over Freddie Rahmer, Tyler Walker, Brian Monteith, and Kyle Moody. 

Chad Trout came back from his heat race misfortune to win the consolation race, followed by Gerard McIntyre, Dale Blaney, and TJ Stutts would round out the back of the field for the night's 30-lap feature. 

Rico Abreu and Trey Starks opened the feature on the front row. Starks took an early lead before Abreu took over on lap 11. On lap 12, Danny Dietrich drove by Starks and Abreu. Dietrich would lead the rest of the rest of the race with a charging Lance Dewease closing in on his tail. 

Danny Dietrich in Gary Kauffman's #48 was first to cross under the waving checkered flag after the non-stop 30-lap feature and took home his 37th Lincoln Speedway victory, plus a nice $7000 payday. 

Full Feature Finish: Danny Dietrich, Lance Dewease, Rico Abreu, James McFadden, Freddie Rahmer, Alan Krimes, Brandon Rahmer, Lucas Wolfe, Matt Campbell, Trey Starks, Brian Monteith, Greg Hodnett, Brack Zearfoss, Jim Siegel, Tyler Walker, Chad Trout, Anthony Macri, Gerard McIntyre, TJ Stutts, Tim Glatfelter, Dale Blaney, Glendon Forsythe, Kyle Moody, and Steve Owings.

PA Speedweek continues at Path Valley Speedway Park on Sunday, July 3rd. Time Trials start at 7PM.


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