Ohio logistics national open benefit presented by Fk rods will still continue as advertised Saturday October 1st. Despite weather conditions and forecast of rain for Saturday and the entire weekend the event is still a go starting at 11am.

"At this point, so much effort has been put into the scheduled event and there really isn't any other option available, We have some great sponsors, fans and race teams that support this event and we are committed to making it a success" said Kolten Gouse.

Since 2012 the Ohio logistics national open benefit presented by Fk rod ends has raised $129,000 for several injured driver charities such as Steve King foundation, world of outlaw benevolent fund, York County Racing Club over the years.

Williams grove speedway
Saturday October 1st

Eastern museum of motor racing will have a auction as well at 11am in the back pits at William grove speedway.

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